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Filmul Intruders online 2011 subtirat / Filme Online Gratis

Intruders online subtitrat

Vizioneaza filmul Intruders online 2011 tradus inn limba romana fara intrerupere - Intruders online HD

Descriere: Intruders Film Online Gratis
This film seems to have a very low key marketing and I haven't even seen many critics reviews for it despite it already opening. I found this to be a pretty decent supernatural bogeyman type thriller with some intriguing psychological twists and turns. The scares are sparsely spread but are effective when they do come. The storyline is quite compelling and is told in two completely separate strands whose only apparent connection is the bogeyman. It had me very engaged and a very creepy atmosphere is maintained. The performance from all the actors including the children were good, nothing outstanding, just played to realistic levels. There isn't a lot of emotional weight to the characters but I cared about the child protagonists, who are victimised by the "Freddie Nightmare" style dream monster. The last act is a good one but unfortunately, it was sloppily executed. The finale should have been more dynamic with a bigger impact on its revelations. Given the storyline, its a missed opportunity for the director. Also, there is a big chance you might see some twists coming due to the film's narrative giving too many clues, again a bit sloppy. I did see the revelations coming to an extent but there was still a twist that I didn't expect. I do like the story, its a satisfying one but the execution could have been much better which is a pity. Still the journey was an intriguing one, at times scary and definitely worth a watch.Two children living in different countries are visited nightly by a faceless being who wants to take possession of them.Rated R for terror, horror violence, some sexuality/nudity and language
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Filmul Intruders online 2011 

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